Essential Food Services

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The Parisi Group’s intent is to provide essential food services during this challenging time. We
have a 40 year history of festival production with a specialty in food service management and
catering. We have the know how and ability to feed people quickly and efficiently at large scale

In regards to the current COVID-19 health crisis emergency, we would like to offer contract
food service management of disaster relief meals to the locations where they most needed!

Essential Cuisine

Classic american burger fast food. Big double burger at wood. Hamburger with fresh vegetables and meat. Burger with cheese, beef, tomato, lettuce. Cheeseburger at rustic wooden background.
Hearty Chorizo Breakfast Burrito with Eggs, Cheese, and Hashbrowns

Burger & Sausage Truck

Robust American
  • Beefy Burgers
  • Smoky Sausages
  • The Best Fries

Asian Bowl Truck

Savory Eastern
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Sweet Teriyaki
  • Fresh Rice

Super Burrito Truck

Customizable Mexican
  • Personalized Burritos
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Sweet & Crispy Churros

Athena's Gyros Truck

Traditional Greek
  • Awesome Gyros
  • Refreshing Salads
  • Zesty Skewers

Why Choose Us?

Protected Food

Socially Distant Staff

Uncompromising Taste